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Poor No More :: A Feature Documentary :: Reducing Poverty
Poor No More

Reducing Poverty in:




United Kingdom

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FOR INFORMATION ABOUT POVERTY AND POVERTY REDUCTION, the following links offer general and comparative information. For information about specific countries, click on the flags to the left.


The Canadian Social Research website has a new section on

Anti-Poverty Strategies in Canada and Elsewhere

Bridging the Income Gap offers many sources and links about poverty and why inequality is hazardous to your health offers news about conditions in the USA -- see


Further Reading



Hilary Graham, Unequal Lives: Health and Socioeconomic Inequality (Berkshire, UK: Open University Press, 2007)

Unequal Lives brings together research from social epidemiology, sociology and social policy to guide the reader to an understanding of why people's lives and people's health remain so unequal, even in rich societies where there is more than enough for all.


Ruth Lister, Poverty (Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2004)

Draws on thinking in the field of international development and real-life accounts to emphasize aspects of poverty such as powerlessness, lack of voice, loss of dignity and respect.


Christopher Pierson, Beyond the Welfare State?: The New Political Economy of Welfare (University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 3rd Ed., 2007)

Beyond the Welfare State? has become established as a key text on the emergence and development of welfare states. It offers an introduction to the ever more intense debates that surround the history and the future of welfare in advanced industrialized states.


Jonus Pontusson, Inequality and Prosperity: Social Europe vs. Liberal America (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2005)

In Inequality and Prosperity, Jonas Pontusson provides a comparative overview of the two major models of labor markets and welfare systems in the advanced industrial world: the "liberal capitalist" system of the United States and Britain, and the "social market" capitalism of northern Europe.





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